TR Long Service Colleagues

Production Manager

30 years

TR Manufacturing, UK

'I get a sense of pride knowing that the products that we have made here in the UK are considered the best in the market'

Internal Sales

38 Years

TR West Midlands, UK

'I have enjoyed doing different roles over the years and I enjoy working with the people at TR'

Commercial Director

15 years

Lancaster Fastener, UK

'I particularly enjoy the day to day communication with our suppliers in Asia, many of which I have been dealing with for many years and as a result have made many friends there'

Sourcing Manager

36 years

TR West Midlands, UK

'The thing that I most like about working at TR is that it's different every day and I'm still learning. New challenges constantly present themselves everyday and in the process of trying to solve them, generally I discover something new'

Managing Director

32 years

Lancaster Fastener, UK

'I have enjoyed developing the 'Lancaster' brand as an industry leading range of fasteners, respected for both quality of product and excellence in service, it has been a very satisfying opportunity made possible with the support of a dedicated and professional team'

Warehouse Manager

25 years

TR Norge, Europe

'I am very satisfied with my job. Good colleagues and TR is a very good Company to work for'

PA to Executive Board

17 years

Trifast plc, UK

'I have worked for TR for 17 years and have seen many changes but the one constant is staff; they are the Company's truest asset'

Product Planner

15 years

TR Asia, Singapore

'I view my job is not 'just a job'. My function as production planner gives me an opportunity to exercise my good planning skill. When properly executed, I actually help my colleagues to get parts to our customers on time'

Product Supervisor

15 years

TR Asia, Singapore

'I like this job as the Company is caring. I am glad TR gave me the opportunity to grow from a machine operator to my current role as Production Supervisor'

Production Foreman

15 years

TR Asia, Singapore

'I have a passion for machines and thus working in production with machines is my natural enjoyment. This Company has friendly and co-operative working environment'

Plant Manager

15 years

TR Asia, Singapore

'I like my job especially when being challenged with new product requirement. Our team and I achieve satisfaction when we are able to turn product concept to production. I view problem as a challenge with opportunity to grow'

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