Underlying profit before tax7,2535,002
Separately disclosed items within administrative expenses
IFRS 2 share-based payment charge(91)(227)
Intangible amortisation12(331)(281)
Acquisition expenses(391)
Restructuring (costs)/credits(389)656
Profit from continuing operations before tax6,4424,759

Of the 2013 restructuring costs £0.19 million refers to redundancy payments and associated costs in relation to compensation for loss of office for Seamus Murphy following his departure from the Board on 31 January 2013. The remaining balance of £0.20m are further redundancies within the UK to drive the ongoing efficiencies.

The 2012 acquisition expenses were predominantly legal and accountancy fees, in relation to due diligence required in the purchase of the Malaysian company PowerSteel & Electro-Plating Works SDN Bhd (PSEP) in December 2011.

The 2012 restructuring credit of £0.66 million comprised £0.84 million of provision releases in respect of onerous leases that had been surrendered with potential liabilities up to 2017. The costs in relation to this had previously been provided and separately disclosed. This was offset by £0.18 million costs incurred to close one of our sites in the US; the majority of these costs refer to redundancies and an onerous lease.