Following on from TR's successful introduction of its Apprenticeship Scheme launched last year, we have taken on another new business apprentice this year from Uckfield Community Technology College. Earlier in the year, we attended a Careers Fair at the local college; joined by one of TR's first apprentices, we were able to demonstrate the opportunity and environment for a student joining the business, and this approach seemed to attract a lot of students to our display stand – which was very encouraging to us. We all know only too well that in today's fast moving world of commerce the business community needs to attract high calibre young people to be trained to become the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

At the time of writing, we now have apprentices in manufacturing, warehousing and in operations.

Graham Morrison has successfully completed his first year as a business apprentice and has benefited from his hands-on experience, learning different modules within each department, and very encouraging to us is that the feedback has been equally good from both the student and the respective departmental heads, so an overall asset win for TR.

James Hope is the latest new apprentice who is currently in his first three-month placement within the warehouse environment, and already it has been pleasing to see we are developing his inner skills for both his own and TR's benefit.

Jade Wickham who we featured in the 2012 Annual Report has successfully completed her Apprenticeship, and we are all delighted that she has secured a full-time position with the Company as a Data Coordinator working within the Strategic Team.

All of these are great examples of young people who have committed to learning and training, and their hard work and dedication is an asset to us as a business – both from a local and international perspective.

Leadership Programme

We launched our Leadership modules in May this year. This programme is initially bringing together on a monthly basis eight location heads from the UK and Ireland; over the next 14 months we will be striving to achieve the following aims:

Aims of the programme

  • To drive joint initiatives through the UK & Ireland
  • To further develop leadership skills
  • To develop and implement 'Best Practice' across the UK and Ireland
  • To build and enhance relationships with peers and functional heads

Overall objective

  • To create a highly skilled and unified team to manage change and deliver business success across the UK & Ireland

"Designing personal development training for such enthusiastic colleagues is a real delight"

Helen Toole

HR Adviser

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Within the first Leadership Programme, each location head from the UK and Ireland has taken a lead for each of the key functions (Sales, Purchasing, Quality, Warehouse and Logistics, Human Resources, Systems, Finance). Each is responsible for collating the issues relating to that function and subsequently feeding them through to the functional head prior to the three-day leadership programme session: as a result, they will then be responsible for the action plan resulting from their discussions.

In addition, the team is also undertaking as part of the programme, four one day sessions with an external leadership trainer who will be concentrating on their leadership skills and how they interact with others, and the resultant impact they can have on colleagues and the business. We do not want them to lose their local passion, which is undoubted and shines through, but we want them to also view the entire TR business as one entity.

Training and Development Module

Following on from the HR Self-Service System (introduced to the business two years ago) and the Performance Management System introduced last year, we are, in the coming twelve month period, to add a Training & Development module to the system. This will allow employees not only to browse training opportunities and courses and to be able to request training through the system, but will also give TR a more proactive and effective approach in managing the training budget. Once training has been completed, evaluation forms will be automatically generated allowing us to ensure that the training offered is relevant, fit for purpose and that the trainers are up to the standard that we would expect.

At TR we value our colleagues, and so it is therefore important to open up opportunities to everyone at all levels, skills and ability. Today we are training the leaders of the future, and it gives my HR team and management great satisfaction to see the investment in our people reaping dividends for all stakeholders and most importantly, the individual.

We look forward to reporting on our successes once again, in next year's Annual Report.

Helen Toole
HR Adviser

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